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Forward Operating Base Danger
Tikrit, Iraq
Tikrit Palace.jpg
Saddam Hussein's presidential palace in Tikrit dominated the base.
Type Forward operating base
Coordinates Latitude:
In use 2003-2005
Controlled by United States military
Garrison 1st Infantry Division (2003-Feb 2005)
42nd Infantry Division (Feb-Nov 2005)
Battles/wars Iraq War

Forward Operating Base Danger was a forward operating base operated by United States military forces in Tikrit, Iraq from the time of the occupation of Iraq in 2003 until November 2005 when it was handed over to the government of Iraq. The base was centered on Saddam Hussein's presidential palace complex. Originally founded as Forward Operating Base Ironhorse the installation served as the headquarters garrison for the 4th Infantry Division from April 2003 until handover and redesignation under the 1st Infantry Division in May 2004. The United States Army's 1st Infantry Division and 42nd Infantry Division occupied the base at different times while in use by US forces. On 7 June 2005 Captain Phillip Esposito and 1st Lieutenant Louis Allen from the 42nd were killed at the base in what may have been the second incident of fragging among US forces during the Iraq War.


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