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Forward Operating Base Loyalty
New Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
Type Forward Operating Base
Coordinates Latitude: 33.328682
Longitude: 44.481196
Built 2003 (2003)
Controlled by United States
U.S. Army
Garrison 4th BCT, 101st ABN DIV
Battles/wars Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation New Dawn

Forward Operating Base Loyalty is a former forward operating base used by the U.S. Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn located in the New Baghdad District (Arabic,بغداد الجديدة) of Baghdad, Iraq


FOB Loyalty was located in what was Saddam Hussein's Directorate of Internal Security. There are a couple of monuments to U.S. Air Force accuracy on the grounds of the FOB. The main building took three or four precision-guided bombs, and another precision bomb wiped out the house Saddam used when he visited the base.[1]

The FOB included a roofed pool, with construction started by Saddam's men and completed by Kellog Brown and Root Contractors allowing US Armed forces members to use.[1] No Army and Air Force Exchange Service Facility existed on the FOB, however a small sundry store existed allowing for basic necessities.[1]


FOB Loyalty was attacked 6 June 2011, killing 5 US servicemembers and injuring 12 others.

Joint Security Station Loyalty was transferred to full Iraqi Government control on August 29, 2011.[4]

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