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{{Infobox military person
#REDIRECT [[Frederik Christian Kaas]]
|name= Frederik Christian Kaas
|birth_date= {{Birth date|df=y|1727|12|1}}
|death_date= {{Death date and age|df=y|1804|3|28|1727|12|11}}
|placeofburial = [[Bråby Church]]
|birth_place= Copenhagen, Denmark
|death_place= Copenhagen, Denmark
|image= Frederik Christian Kaas.jpg
|image_size= 220
|caption= Frederik Christian portrait atributted to [[Peder Als]]
|allegiance= [[Kingdom of Denmark|Denmark]]
|branch= [[Royal Dano-Norwegian Navy]]
|rank= [[Admiral]]
'''Frederik Christian Kaas''' (1 December 1727 - 28 March 1804) was a Danish naval officer and landowner, brother of [[Ulrik Christian Kaas]].
{{Wikipedia|Frederik Christian Kaas (1727-1804)}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Kaas, Frederik Christian}}
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[[Category:Royal Danish Navy officers]]
[[Category:18th-century Danish people]]
[[Category:People from Copenhagen]]
[[Category:1727 births]]
[[Category:1804 deaths]]

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