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Naval Ensign of the FNFL
Naval jack of the FNFL
Motto: Honneur, Patrie, Valeur, Discipline
("Honour, Homeland, Valour, Discipline")
Forces navales françaises libres
Aéronavale française libre
Commandos de Marine
Charles De Gaulle
Émile Muselier
Georges Thierry d'Argenlieu
Philippe Kieffer
Ships of the FNFL

The Free French Naval Air Service (Aéronavale française libre) was the air arm of Free French Naval Forces during the Second World War.

The Free French Naval Air Service supported Free French Naval and Allied forces in overseas fronts (North Africa, Middle East, etc.) and later supported the Free French Navy during Allied advances into French territory after the Battle of Normandy.

The markings of the Free French Naval Air Service were regular French roundels overpainted with an anchor on the fuselage, and the French tricolor on the rudder.

It operated all the French naval aircraft, seaplanes and flying boats, that escaped from German-occupied France after the Battle of France, together with naval aircraft from the French colonies that declared allegiance to de Gaulle's Free French Forces, and aircraft donated by the British and Americans. It carried out Marine patrols and operations against Axis forces in France during 1944-45. It formed the basis for the postwar French Naval Air Service.

Aircraft of the Free French Naval Air Service[]

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