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French ship Robuste (1758)
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Detail of Edward Moran's First Recognition of the American Flag by a Foreign Government
Career (France) French Royal Navy Ensign
Name: Robuste
Namesake: "Robust"
Ordered: 10 September 1755[1]
Builder: Lorient[1]
Laid down: September 1757[1]
Launched: 2 September 1758[1]
Fate: Retired in 1783
General characteristics
Class & type: 74-gun ship of the line
Type: ship of the line
Tons burthen: 1600 tonnes
Length: 56.8 metres
Beam: 14.4 metres
Depth of hold: 7 metres
Propulsion: Sail
Complement: 866

Robuste was an 74-gun ship of the line of the French Navy, built by Antoine Groignard.[2]


Initially intended as a 64-gun ship, Robuste was built in the Lorient shipyard of the French East India Company. She was launched on 2 September 1758, and admitted to active service in April 1759.[1]

On 18 November 1759, she collided with frigate Hébé.[1]

In June 1777, she was under Lamotte-Picquet, and received the visit of Emperor Joseph II.[1]

On 14 February 1778, Robuste fired a nine-gun salute for USS Ranger, marking the first time a foreign warship recognised the US flag.[3]

Robuste took part in the campaign in 1779 and 1780[1] as De Grasse's flagship.[4] She was notably at the Battle of Grenada.[5]

In 1780, she was under Chateauvert.[6]

In July 1782, under Nieuil, she was part of the Franco-Spanish fleet under Córdova.[7] She took part in the Battle of Cape Spartel on 20 October 1782.[8] The same year, she was at Brest under Croiset de Retz.[9]

She was eventually struck in 1783, and broken up in Brest the next year.[1]

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