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Gåsevadholm Castle
Kungsbacka Municipality, Sweden
Gåsevadholms slott
Type Castle
Coordinates Latitude:

Gåsevadholm Castle is a castle on an island in the Rolfsån river in Sweden. Sir John Maclean, 1st Baronet was the Lord of Gåsevadholm.[1]

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  1. Ernst Ludwig Fischer, Thomas Alfred Fischer, and John Kirkpatrick (1907). The Scots in Sweden. "The burial-list of the Christina church says of him that “he was ennobled by his Majesty of Sweden in 1649 as Lord of Gåsevadholm, Hageby, and Hammersöö, and by His Majesty of England as Baronet of Dowart on account of great good services rendered to both their Royal Majesties." 

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