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General Jean V Allard Megaplex

The Général-Jean-Victor-Allard Building also known as the Mega (most usual), is located in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. It is composed of three sectors; Orange, used as the main working body of the building where the Headquarters of the School is located; Green Sector, used as residence to house the Non-Commissioned Member Recruits and Blue Sector, which houses the Officer Cadets. Other notable ares inside of the Mega include the O'Mega Mess (the Junior Ranks Mess and popular after hours area for recruits), the Patriot Club (Senior NCO and Officer's Mess). The School is currently under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel R.W Ermel and Chief Warrant Officer J.L.P Turbide. It is operated by the Canadian Forces.

The building is named for General Jean Victor Allard, the first French-Canadian to become a Chief of the Defence Staff, the highest position in the Canadian Forces. He was also the first to hold the accompanying rank of (full, four-leaf) general.

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