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Göta Signal Corps
Göta signalregement vapen
Country Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden
Branch Swedish Army
Allegiance Swedish Armed Forces
Service history
Active 1944–1997
Size Corps
Part of Uppland Regiment (1944–1961)
Western Military Area (1961–1984)
Life Regiment Hussars (1984–1997)
Motto Det omöjliga tar bara litet längre tid
("The impossible only takes a little longer time")
Colors Blue and white

The Göta Signal Corps (Swedish language:Göta signalkår ), designations S 1 Sk and S 2, was a Swedish Army signal unit, one of the few new formations raised in the 20th century. It was disbanded in 1997. The unit was garrisoned in Västergötland.


The unit has its origins in a 1944 detached company, Signalregementets kompani i Skövde, of Signal Regiment that was garrisoned in Skövde. The company gained the designation S 1 Sk (1st Signal Regiment, Skövde detachment), and was in 1958 upgraded to a separate battalion, and gained the designation S 2.

The battalion was transferred to Karlsborg in 1961 and was renamed Göta Signal Regiment in 1962 when it was upgraded to regimental size. The Swedish Army Paratroop School was attached to the regiment from 1961 until the regiment was disbanded in 1984. However one battalion of the regiment was kept as part of Life Regiment Hussars as Göta Signal Battalion until it was disbanded in 1997.


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Heraldry and traditionsEdit

Colours, standards and guidonsEdit

On 25 August 1962, His Majesty the King Gustaf VI Adolf presented a colour to the then Göta Signal Regiment. When Karlsborg Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Karlsborgs luftvärnsregemente, Lv 1) was disbanded on 31 March 1961, its colour was transferred to Göta Signal Regiment, which carried it on certain occasions. On 1 July 1984, Göta Signal Regiment was amalgamated as a training battalion into the Life Regiment Hussars (K 3). The colour was then transferred to the Anti-Aircraft Combat School (Luftvärnsskjutskolan, LvSS) on 8 October 1984.[1] Since 1 July 2000, the memory of Karlsborg Anti-Aircraft Regiment is maintained by the Air Defence Regiment (Lv 6).[2]

On 30 April 1996, Supreme Commander, general Owe Wiktorin presented a new colour to Göta Signal Battalion at the Artillery Yard in Stockholm. It was drawn by Kristina Holmgård-Åkerberg and embroidered by machine in insertion technique by the company Libraria. It was used as battalion colour by S 2 until 1 January 1998. Blazon: "On green cloth in the centre a circular shield showing the coat of arms of the unit; azure, three wavy white bends sinister charged with a crowned double-tailed yellow lion rampant, armed and langued gules. The shield ensigned with a royal crown proper. In the first corner a mullet with a cluster of rays and in the second corner the insignia of the Swedish Army Signal Troops; an erect sword entwined with a bolt, all yellow".[3]

Coat of armsEdit

The coat of the arms of the Göta Signal Regiment (S 2) 1977–1994 and the Göta Signal Battalion (K 3/S 2) 1994–1997. Blazon: "Azure, the regimental badge, a double-tailed lion rampant or armed and langued gules. The shield surmounted a cluster of bolts, or".[4]

Commanding officersEdit

  • 1958–1960 – Nils Fredrik Schale
  • 1960–1970 – Tage Ingemar Bratt
  • 1970–1976 – Karl Edvin Eriksson
  • 1976–1980 – Håkan Hallgren
  • 1980–1982 – Åke Bertil Gunnar Lövdahl
  • 1982–1984 – Kurt Olofsson
  • 1984–1987 – Per Granath
  • 1987–1989 – Nils Göran Anders Nilsson
  • 1989–1991 – Bengt-Åke Gelin
  • 1991–1993 – Christer Birger Levin
  • 1993–1995 – Christer Carl Einar Ejnarsson
  • 1995–1997 – Per Jörgen Ivhammar

Names, designations and locationsEdit

Name Translation From To
Kungl Signalregementets kompani i Skövde Royal Signal Regiment's Company in Skövde 1944-04-01 1957-03-31
Kungl Upplands signalregementes kompani i Skövde Royal Uppland Signal Regiment's Company in Skövde 1957-04-01 1958-06-30
Kungl Signalbataljonen i Skövde Royal Signal Battalion in Skövde 1958-07-01 1961-03-31
Kungl Göta signalkår Royal Göta Signal Corps 1961-04-01 1962-06-30
Kungl Göta signalregemente Royal Göta Signal Regiment 1962-07-01 1974-12-31
Göta signalregemente Göta Signal Regiment 1975-01-01 1984-06-30
Göta signalbataljon Göta Signal Battalion 1984-07-01 1994-06-30
Göta signalkår Göta Signal Corps 1994-07-01 1997-12-31
Designation From To
S 1 Sk 1944-04-01 1958-06-30
S 2 1958-07-01 1984-06-30
K 3/S 2 1984-07-01 1997-12-31
Location From To
Skövde Garrison 1944-04-01 1961-03-31
Karlsborg Garrison 1961-04-01 1997-12-31

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Further readingEdit

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