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Gözne Castle
Mersin Province, Turkey
Gözne Castle (east)
East building
Type Castle
Coordinates Latitude: 36.9958333
Longitude: 34.5777778
Built by Byzantine Empire
Demolished Part of it
Most of east building still standing.
Open to
the public
Controlled by Ministry of Culture

Gözne Castle is a medieval castle in Mersin Province, Turkey.


The castle is in the Toros Mountains at 36°59′45″N 34°34′40″E / 36.99583°N 34.57778°E / 36.99583; 34.57778. It is situted to the south of Gözne town. It is accessible only from the north i.e. Gözne. Its distance to Mersin is 30 kilometres (19 mi) The road to the castle is an all seasons open road. The altitude of the castle is 1,120 metres (3,670 ft). The castle is open to visits.


The castle was built (or rebuilt ) during the late Byzantine era. It was built to protect the road from the Mediterranean Sea coast to the important Çandır Castle (Baberon) which is situated about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) birds flight to east.

The buildingsEdit

There are two buildings in the castle. The one at the east is an rectangular building with an elevated door, four bastions and five windows. The one at the west is a two storey irregular hexagonal building with two doors and three windows.[1] Recently, a picnic are has been established to the north of the castle.


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