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OF-9 Pakistan Army.svg
Insignia with crossed swords and laurel device of a four-star general
US-O10 insignia.svg
Illustration of a general with corresponding stars
Country  Pakistan
Service branch  Pakistan Army
Abbreviation GEN, PAGEN
Rank Four-star
Non-NATO rank OF-9
Next higher rank Field marshal
Next lower rank Lieutenant general
Equivalent ranks Admiral (Pakistan Navy)
Air chief marshal (Pakistan Air Force)

General /pɑːkistɑːni//dʒɛnərəl/ (abbreviated as GEN or PAGEN) is a four-star commissioned general officer or military rank in the Pakistan Army, officially used by the Government of Pakistan to denote a supreme leader of army.[1][2] It is given to a three-star army officer (usually lieutenant general) upon promotion or possibly a position advancement with a basic pay scale of 22 (BPS-22).[3] It is the highest rank in armed services with NATO's equivalent-rank code of OF-9, immediately ranks above three-star lieutenant general and below five-star field marshal. Since it is denoted by a four-star rank, it is equivalent to the rank of admiral and air chief marshal.[4] The Pakistan army is led by a senior four-star general as Chief of Army Staff (COAS). The army chief also serves as the senior member of the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC).[5] However, only four out of fourteen four-star generals have been appointed as chief of staff till date.[6] Army general is a powerful rank in the country designed to command security affairs with military leadership privileges.[7]

The insignia of a four-star general consists shoulder stars, crossed swords and laurel device. The country's army is headed by two four-star generals with distinct positions, powers and responsibilities such as CJCSC incumbent and COAS incumbent.[8][9] The constitution explicitly assigns the four-star general (COAS incumbent) the power to command the armed forces, ask for the written opinion of the military, and to promote or dismiss other officers as commissioned by the army law.[10]

Appointment[edit | edit source]

Four-star generals go hand-in-hand with the associated office positions, so these ranks are not permanent, but stars remain unchanged if appointed to CJCSC or COAS. A four-star general is directly nominated for appointment by the President of Pakistan in a joint effort with the prime minister who plays a key role in promoting, appointing or reappointment of a general. The term of service or extension is usually decided as commissioned by the constitution.[11][12] In case, reappointment or service extension found ineligible or otherwise, the supreme court may rule the government order.[13]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Pakistan Navy Admiral.svg

Flag of a four-star Admiral in Pakistan Navy


Insignia of a four-star Air chief marshal in Pakistan army

15-Pakistan Navy-ADM.svg

Insignia of admiral with crossed swords

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