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General Staff
Active 1873–1937
Country Sweden
Allegiance Swedish Armed Forces
Branch Joint
Type Staff
Role Operational, territorial and tactical activities
Part of Ministry of Land Defence
Garrison/HQ Stockholm
Branch insignia m/1906 AM.012807.jpg
Baldric AM.105874.jpg

The General Staff (Swedish language: Generalstaben , Gst) was a Swedish government agency established in 1873 and was active until 1937.

History[edit | edit source]

The General Staff was established in 1873 (SFS 1873:87). Its tasks was to contribute to the military science education in the army, train their officers and deliver them to the service of other agencies, study militarism abroad, elaborate plans for the army's mobilization and its concentration on different battlefields, write the country's military history and nurture its military historical archives, perform the country's military mapping and its study and description in military terms (whereby the Topographical Corps was merged with the General Staff).[1]

The General Staff was initially organized with a chief with a head office and four departments: the Communications Department (1873-1937), Military Statistics Department (1873-1908), Military History Department (1873-1937) with the Military Archives and Topographical Department (1873-1937).[1]

The task to handle the nations military mapping was transferred to the Geographical Survey Office of Sweden (Rikets allmänna kartverk) in 1894. The Military Statistics Department was divided in 1908 into three: the Central Department, Organization Department and the International Department. In 1912 the Communications Department was divided. One part retained the old name, and devoted themselves to the actual transportation policy. The other was called the Technical Department and devoted themselves to the telegraph, telephone, balloons, airplanes, cars and more.[1]

The Technical Department dissolved on 17 December 1931 and was replaced by the Education Department, which also dealt with questions about regulations and instructions relating to the education. The General Staff ceased to exist on 1 July 1937 and its duties were taken over firstly by the Defence Staff and the Army Staff.[1]

Chiefs of the General Staff[edit | edit source]

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The building (Schering Rosenhane's Palace) at Birger Jarls torg 10 where the General Staff was located from 1876 to 1926.[2]
The building at Östermalmsgatan 87 in Stockholm where the General Staff was located from 1926 to 1937.
Chief of the General Staff Took office Left office Time in office Defence branch Monarch Ref
Hugo Raab
Raab, HugoColonel Hugo Raab
5 December 187318817–8 yearsArmén vapen bra.svg
Oscar II[3]
Axel Ryding
Ryding, AxelMajor general Axel Ryding
9 February 188218852–3 yearsArmén vapen bra.svg
Oscar II[4]
Axel Rappe
Rappe, AxelColonel Axel Rappe (Acting)
14 July 188218852–3 yearsArmén vapen bra.svg
Oscar II[5]
Axel Rappe
Rappe, AxelMajor general Axel Rappe
30 December 1885190519–20 yearsArmén vapen bra.svg
Oscar II[5]
Ernst von der Lancken
Lancken, Ernst von derColonel Ernst von der Lancken (Acting)
25 June 18924 October 18953 years, 101 daysArmén vapen bra.svg
Oscar II[6]
Casten Warberg
Warberg, CastenColonel Casten Warberg (Acting)
189518993–4 yearsArmén vapen bra.svg
Oscar II-
Knut Gillis Bildt
Bildt, Knut GillisColonel Knut Gillis Bildt (Acting)
3 February 18999 December 1899309 daysArmén vapen bra.svg
Oscar II[7]
Knut Gillis Bildt
Bildt, Knut GillisMajor general Knut Gillis Bildt (Acting)
25 September 19053 November 190539 daysArmén vapen bra.svg
Oscar II[7]
Knut Gillis Bildt
Bildt, Knut GillisMajor general Knut Gillis Bildt
3 November 1905191913–14 yearsArmén vapen bra.svg
Oscar II
Gustaf V
Lars Tingsten
Tingsten, LarsLieutenant general Lars Tingsten
191919222–3 yearsArmén vapen bra.svg
Gustaf V-
Carl Gustaf Hammarskjöld
Hammarskjöld, Carl GustafMajor general Carl Gustaf Hammarskjöld
14 June 192219307–8 yearsArmén vapen bra.svg
Gustaf V[8]
Bo Boustedt
Boustedt, BoMajor general Bo Boustedt
193028 August 19332–3 yearsArmén vapen bra.svg
Gustaf V[9]
Oscar Nygren
Nygren, OscarLieutenant general Oscar Nygren
29 August 193330 June 19373 years, 305 daysArmén vapen bra.svg
Gustaf V[10]

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Further reading[edit | edit source]

  • (in sv) Generalstaben 1873-1923: en minnesskrift. Stockholm: Norstedt. 1923. 577741. 
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