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Col George Turnbull 1729-1810

Colonel George Turnbull

George Turnbull was a loyalist Lieutenant Colonel in the American Revolutionary War. Turnbull raised and commanded the New York Volunteers in January 1776; this regiment was renumbered in May 1779 as the 3rd American Regiment.[1][2] He was based at Rocky Mount, North Carolina[3] and commanded at the Battle of Rocky Mount, Lancaster County, South Carolina on August 1, 1780.[4]

George Turnbull was born at Blackadder Mains in the county of Berwickshire (close to the Scottish/English border) in 1729. He served as a soldier mostly in North America for some 60 years, initially for some 10 years in Colonel Majoribanks' Regiment of Scots. His will is dated 16 February 1809. He died in New York in 1810.[5]

Captain Christian Huck of Huck’s Defeat (July 12, 1780) served under Turnbull's command.[6]


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