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German Federal Coast Guard
Küstenwache des Bundes
Wappen Küstenwache des Bundes
Logo of the German Federal Coast Guard
German Federal Coast Guard racing stripe
Racing stripe
Agency overview
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Federal agency Germany
General nature
Specialist jurisdiction Coastal patrol, marine border protection, marine search and rescue.
Operational structure
Services provided by Bundespolizei/Federal Police, Federal Agency for Agriculture and Nutrition, Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration and Bundeszollverwaltung
Uniformed as German Federal Coast Guard

The German Federal Coast Guard (German language:Küstenwache des Bundes) is a civilian law enforcement organisation whose primary missions are border protection, maritime environmental protection, shipping safety, fishery protection and customs enforcement. The Küstenwache is an association of several federal agencies, not a single entity like the United States Coast Guard.

The agencies that make up the Küstenwache have a common plan of action and direct their operations from two Coast Guard Centers (German: Küstenwachzentren), Neustadt (Holstein) for the Baltic Sea and Cuxhaven for the North Sea.

Structure and responsibilitiesEdit

Mehrzweckschiff Arkona Warnemuende 1

The Arkona multi-purpose vessel

Helgoland 1

Customs Cruiser (Zollkreuzer) Helgoland (a SWATH-Vessel)

Units and personnel from these federal agencies make up the coast guard:

Coast guard personnelEdit

The personnel serving with the Küstenwache include both police officers (in the case of the Bundespolizei and Wasserzoll) and civilians from the Waterways and Shipping Office and other agencies. Küstenwache personnel do not have combatant status as it is not a military unit as other coast guards are. In contrast, the United States Coast Guard is both a military service and a law enforcement organisation and its commissioned officers have both police and military powers. However, police officers serving with the Küstenwache retain their usual police powers, adjusted to the maritime nature of their job.

Ships and other vesselsEdit


Customs cruiser Glückstadt

BP 23 Bad Düben 01

German Federal Police BP23 Bad Düben

Coast guard MS Bredstedt

German Federal Police BP21 Bredstedt

A total of 27 ships and boats from the aforementioned institutions are in operation (Bundespolizei: six ships; Wasserzoll: eight customs cutters, four customs cruisers; WSV: three multi-purpose ships; BLE: two fishery protection boats, three fishery research ships).

The ships are all marked with the legend "Küstenwache" as well as a black-red-gold signet on the hull and the coast guard's coat-of-arms. However, the hull colour differs from agency to agency: blue for the Bundespolizei, green for the Zoll and black for the WSV and BLE.

A number of helicopters and planes are in use as well.

Some Ships:

  • BP17 Bayreuth
  • BP21 Bredstedt
  • BP22 Neustrelitz
  • MS Hiddensee
  • MS Priwall
  • MS Kalkgrund
  • FSB Seeadler
  • Hamburg
  • SUBS Mellum

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