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German occupied territory of Montenegro
Part of Yugoslavia occupied by Germany
Country  Yugoslavia

Nazi Germany occupied Montenegro in September 1943, after the Armistice of Cassibile; in which the Kingdom of Italy joined the Allies. The Italian forces retreated from the area at that point, and from their other protectorate, Albania. German forces occupied Montenegro, along with Albania, continued occupying the territory up until December 1944, fighting a guerrilla war against local insurgents. After the Germans withdrew from Montenegro, the fascist leader of the country, Sekula Drljević, attempted to create a government-in-exile in nearby Independent State of Croatia, also a German puppet state. He also created the Montenegrin People's Army, a military force set up by him and the Croatian fascist leader Ante Pavelić. However, this government-in-exile, the Montenegrin State Council, was dissolved after the fall of the Croatian government. Montenegro was later taken over by the Yugoslav Partisans of Josip Tito, and became part of the new Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

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