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German submarine U-24 (1936)
Career (Nazi Germany)
Name: U-24
Ordered: 2 February 1935
Builder: Germaniawerft, Kiel
Yard number: 554
Laid down: 21 April 1936
Launched: 24 September 1936
Commissioned: 10 October 1936
Fate: Scuttled on 25 August 1944, at Constanza in the Black Sea
General characteristics
Type: IIB
Displacement: Surfaced 279 Tons
Submerged 329 Tons
Length: 42.7m (140.2Ft)
Beam: 4.1m (13.5Ft)
Speed: Surfaced:13 Knots
Submerged:7 Knots
Endurance: Surfaced 1,800 Miles at 12 Knots
Submerged 43 Miles at 4 Knots
Crew: 25
Armament: Three fore torpedo tubes with 6 x 21 inch Torpedos and 1 x 20mm AA gun on fore-deck
Service record
Part of: Kriegsmarine:
1st U-boat Flotilla
3rd U-boat Flotilla
21st U-boat Flotilla
30th U-boat Flotilla
Identification codes: M 24 897
Commanders: Heinz Buchholz
Udo Behrens
Harald Jeppener-Haltenhoff
Udo Heilmann
Dietrich Borchert]]
Helmut Hennig
Hardo Rodler von Roithberg
Klaus Petersen
Clemens Schöler
Dieter Lenzmann
Martin Landt-Hayen
Operations: 20
Victories: One ship sunk for a total of 961 gross register tons (GRT);
five warships sunk for a total of 571 tons;
one ship damaged of 7.661 GRT;
one ship a total loss - 7,886 GRT

German submarine U-24 was a Type IIB U-boat that was in service during World War II. She was laid down on 21 April 1936 at the F. Krupp Germaniawerft in Kiel with yardnumber 554, launched on 24 September and commissioned into the Kriegsmarine on 10 October. Oberleutnant Heinz Bucholz took command on 3 July 1937.


To serve in the 30th U-boat Flotilla, she was transported overland and via the Danube to the Black Sea. On 25 August 1944, U-24 was scuttled at Konstanza, on the Romanian Black Sea coast to prevent the advancing Soviet forces from capturing it. She was raised by the Soviet Union in early 1945, but sunk as target practice by the Soviet submarine M-120 on 26 May 1947, off Sevastopol (also sunk that same day was the former U-18).

Summary of raiding history[]

Date Name Nationality Tonnage
9 November 1943 Carmarthen Coast  United Kingdom 961 Sunk (mine)
31 March 1943 Kreml'  Soviet Union 7,661 Damaged
15 June 1943 BTSC Zashitnik (No 26)  Soviet Union 441 Sunk
30 July 1943 Emba  Soviet Union 7,866 Total loss
22 August 1943 DB-36  Soviet Union 9 Sunk
22 August 1943 DB-37  Soviet Union 9 Sunk
31 October 1943 SKA-38  Soviet Union 56 Sunk
12 May 1944 SKA-0376  Soviet Union 56 Sunk


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Coordinates: 44°12′N 28°41′E / 44.2°N 28.683°E / 44.2; 28.683

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