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Mir Shahâb ud-Din Siddiqi titled Farzand-i-Arjumand, Nawab Ghazi ud-din Khan Siddiqi Bahadur, Feroze Jung I, Sipah Salar (c. 1649–1710) was the son of Kilich Khan II Khwaja Abid Siddiqi the Sadr us Sudur of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and was raised to the rank of an Amir with the initial titles of Ghazi ud-Din Bahadur Khan and later Feroze Jung after his father's death. He was commander and chief at the Siege of Golkonda Fort in 1686 when Emperor Aurangzeb personally conquered Golkonda Sultanate taking the last Sultan Abul Hasan Qutb Shah prisoner.

The tomb and surrounding marble enclosure of Ghazi al-Din Khan, Sita Ram 1814


He was made Subahdar (governor) of Gujarat Subah (province) during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah I. He died in Ahmedabad in 1710 and was taken to Delhi where he was buried in the yard of the college built by him in front of the Ajmeri Gate.[1] His son was the famous Qamar-ud-din Khan Siddiqi, Asaf Jah I the first Nizam of Hyderabad.

Men in his command included his son Qamar-ud-din Khan an others such as: Hamid Khan and Rahim-ud-din Khan.

Personal life[]

He was married first at Delhi with Wazirunisa Begum daughter of Nawab Saadullah Khan Bahadur wazir to Emperor Shahjahan. Married second on the death of his first wife, a daughter of his younger brother Hafizullah Khan ( Miyan Khan ). Having had issue a son and a dauthter, Mir Qamaruddin Khan H.H. Asaf Jah I. Daughter married to Sahibzada Hamidullah Khan son of Imad Ul Mulk Nawab Khwaja Mohammed Mubariz Khan Bahadur sometime Subadar of Deccan.


The courtyard of Ghazi al-Din Khan's Madrassah at Delhi, 1814-15

In 1690s, tthrough religious endowment he founded a madarsa, Madrasa Ghaziuddin Khan after him. It became the historic and influential Delhi College which eventually paved way for the present Zakir Hussain College (University of Delhi), which in 1986, shifted to a new building outside Turkman Gate, the old structure in the Madrasa Ghaziuddin complex, still houses a hostel for the college and also has his Ghaziuddin's mausoleum.[2]

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