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Gibson Mashingaidze
Born Bikita District
Nationality Zimbabwean
Occupation Army general and sport person

Gibson Mashingaidze is a serving army general and head of Zimbabwean sports. He was born in Bikita District 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) from Nyika Growth Point in Masvingo province in during the 1950s. like the minority of age group he managed to get to secondary education. He joined the liberation war in the 70s. He adopted a war name called Comrade Tangaimaona Povo. He rose through the ranks of ZANLA, a guerilla movement waging a war against the Ian Smith Regime. By the end of the liberation war in 1979 he had risen to become the Political commissar of Manica province (Second in command to Gen Paradzai Zimondi who was the provincial commander then Known as Comrade Tonderai Nyika)

in 1981 he was attested into the Zimbabwe National Army as a Colonel alongside the like of Perence Shiri (current air marshal), Henry muchena (Air vice marshal), major general Edzai chimonyo (rtd) now ambassador to Tanzania, Agripa Mutambara (ambassador to Mozambique) and General Philip Sibanda (army commander) and Paradzai Zimondi (prison head). He worked in various capacities in the ZNA one of which was Commander 4 Brigade in Masvingo province.

In 1996 he was involved in a controversial issue when he lamabasted the government for neglecting a war veteran called Comrade Musa Mpofu who had died a pauper while he was celebrated guerilla during the liberation war. It is believed that he was punished by authorities for that.

He participated in the 27 June 2008 presidential campaign together with Major General Rugeje which they heading the Masvingo Province campaign Team. He was put on European sanction list which prevented some ZANU (PF) personalities from visiting the USA and Europe.

He was given a farm in Chiredzi under the land reform program. He has retired as a soldier and is now a farmer. He has been appointed into several boards in The Sports Commission and Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings Board.

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