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Gino Gallagher
File:Gino Gallagher.jpg
Born 1963
Died 30 January 1996(1996-01-30)
Nationality Irish
Known for Chief of Staff of the Irish National Liberation Army

Gino Gallagher (c.1963 - 30 January 1996) was an Irish republican who was Chief of Staff of the Irish National Liberation Army. He was killed in Belfast, while waiting in line for his unemployment benefit.

Murder[edit | edit source]

Gallagher's killing followed internal disagreements over the future of the republican socialist movement. The opposing "INLA-GHQ" faction, led by former Chief of Staff Hugh Torney disbanded in September of the same year following Torney's killing.

Republican Kevin McAlorum, who was paid to kill Gallagher by Torney's faction, was himself murdered in 2004, although this was not linked to any political dispute.[1][2]

References[edit | edit source]

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