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KD4G Quail
Role Target drone
National origin United States
Built by Globe Aircraft Corporation
First flight 1949
Primary user United States Navy

The Globe KD4G Quail was an American target drone, built by the Globe Aircraft Corporation for use by the United States Navy.

Design and development[edit | edit source]

A catapult-launched, high-wing monoplane, the KD4G was of all-metal construction.[1] The Quail was launched by a catapult; power was supplied by a two-cylinder Kiekhaefer O-45 opposed piston engine producing 35 horsepower (26 kW).[2]

Operational history[edit | edit source]

The KD4G-1 first flew in 1949; soon afterwards an improved version, the KD4G-2, was introduced, however neither variant was produced in significant numbers.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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