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Gotō Mototsugu

Gotō Mototsugu (後藤 基次?, May 5, 1565 – June 2, 1615), also known as Gotō Matabei (後藤 又兵衛?), was a samurai of the late Sengoku through early Edo periods. He served Kuroda Yoshitaka but retired from the Kuroda clan after Kuroda Yoshitaku had died. Finally, he served Toyotomi Hideyori and was killed at the battle of Dōmyōji during the siege of Osaka in 1615.

At the second siege of Jinju, during Hideyoshi's invasion of Korea, Gotō was the first samurai to enter Jinju castle.

During the siege of Osaka, Gotō was one of the most able generals in Toyotomi Hideyori's Western Army. He was the chief commander at the battle of Dōmyōji where, severely outnumbered, he held out for reinforcements, which were lost in the fog. Unable to maintain the position without the reinforcements, Goto was defeated and killed.


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