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(IB 18, PB 18, MekB 18)
Gotlands regemente vapen.svg
Active 1949–2000
Country  Sweden
Allegiance Swedish Armed Forces
Branch Swedish Army
Type Infantry Brigade (1949–1966)
Armored Brigade (1966–1994)
Mechanized brigade (1994–2000)
Size Brigade
Part of Gotlands infanteriregemente (1949–1963)
Gotlands regemente (1963–1982)
MKG (1982–1994)
Milo M (1994–2000)
Garrison/HQ Visby (1949–2000)
Colors Blue and white

Gotlandsbrigaden (MekB 18) (Gotland Brigade), was a Swedish Army armoured brigade within the Swedish Armed Forces and acted in different forms between 1949-2000. The main part of the basic training where held at Gotlands regemente (P 18) within the Gotland Garrison in Visby, Gotland.

History[edit | edit source]

In 1963 The brigade was changed from an infantry brigade to an armoured one. The brigade decommissioned in 2000.

Name and designation[edit | edit source]

Designation Name Used Notes
IB 18 Gotlandsbrigaden 1949–1963
PB 18 Gotlandsbrigaden 1963–1994
MekB 18 Gotlands regemente and Gotlandsbrigaden 1994–2000

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