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The Green report was a report written by Andrew Conway Ivy, a medical researcher and vice president of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Ivy was in charge of the medical school and its hospitals. The report justified testing malaria vaccines on Stateville Prison, Joliet, Illinois prisoners in the 1940s. Ivy mentioned the report in the 1946 Nuremberg Medical Trial for Nazi war criminals.[1]


Malaria experiments in the Stateville Prison were publicized in the June 1945 edition of LIFE, entitled "Prisoners Expose Themselves to Malaria".[2]

When Ivy testified at the 1946 Nuremberg Medical Trial for Nazi war criminals, he misled the trial about the report, in order to strengthen the prosecution case: Ivy stated that the committee had debated and issued the report, when the committee had not met at that time.[1][3]


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