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USAF Ground Air Transmit Receive sites
GATR # (Site #)
AFS, etc. ST
Selfridge AFB MI
San Francisco R-19 (Z-38)   Mill Valley CA
R-25 (Z-15) Topsham[1] ME

The Ground Air Transmit Receive (GATR) network for Cold War communications was part of the SAGE Defense System to automate ground-controlled interception using manned interceptors. Generally located at Aerospace Defense Command radar stations, GATR sites were used for the Ground to Air Data Link Subsystem to transmit "HF/VHF/UHF voice & TDDL"[2] to vector F-106 Delta Dart and other equipped aircraft[1] dispatched by teams in Weapons Direction rooms of SAGE Direction Centers. GATR sites included the RCA AN/GKA-5 Time Division Data Link equipment.


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