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The Ground Forces of Serbia and Montenegro (Serbo-Croatian: Kopnena Vojska Srbije i Crne Gore - KoVSCG; Копнена Војска Србије и Црнe Горе - КоВЦГ), formerly the Ground Forces of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbo-Croatian: Kopnena Vojska Savezne Republike Jugoslavije - KoVSRJ; Копнена Војска Савезнe Републикe Југославијe - КоВСРЈ) was the ground based military branch of the Serbia and Montenegro Military Forces. It was formed on 20 May 1992 from the remnants of the Yugoslav Ground Forces and was disbanded on 5 June 2006 when the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro was dissolved.


The Ground Forces were composed of three armies, each made up of corps and independent units. The First Army was based in Belgrade, the Second Army was based in Podgorica and the Third Army was based in Nis.

First Army Second Army Third Army
Novi Sad Corps:
  • 36th Mechanised Brigade
  • 453rd Mechanised Brigade
  • 12th Mechanised Brigade
  • 18th Motorised Brigade
  • 127th Light Infantry
  • 16th Mixed Artillery Brigade
Podgorica Corps:
  • 56th Engineer Regiment
  • 5th Motorised Brigade
  • 57th Mototrised Brigade
  • 179th Motorised Brigade
  • 3rd Light Infantry Brigade
  • 326th Mixed Artillery Brigade
  • 4th Light Infantry Brigade
  • 2nd Mountain Infantry Brigade
  • 72nd Border Battalion
Niš Corps:
  • 4th Motorised Brigade
  • 2nd Motorised Brigade
  • 211th Armoured Brigade
  • 805th Motorised Brigade
  • 203th Mixed Artillery Brigade
  • 50th Light Infantry Brigade
Belgrade Corps:
  • 140th Infantry Battalion
  • 151st Motorised Brigade
  • 505th Light Motorised Brigade
  • 153rd Light Motorised Brigade
  • 22nd Mixed Artillery Brigade
  • 585th Aviation Regiment
  • 150th Light Motorised Regiment
Užice Corps:
  • 37th Motorised Brigade
  • 168th Motorised Brigade
  • 27th Light Motorised Brigade
  • 134th Light Infantry Brigade
  • 6th Light Infantry Brigade
  • 7th Light Infantry Brigade
Leskovac Corps:
  • 89th Motorised Brigade
  • 135th Motorised Brigade
  • 13th Light Motorised Brigade
  • 21st Mixed Anti-Tank Brigade
  • 42nd Mixed Anti-Tank Brigade
Kragujevac Corps:
  • 51st Mechanised Brigade
  • 80th Motorised Brigade
  • 130th Motorised Brigade
  • 129th Light Motorised Brigade
  • 20th Light Infantry Brigade
  • 21st Light Infantry Brigade
  • 24th Mixed Artillery Regiment
Independent Units:
  • 202nd Mixed Artillery Brigade
  • 60th Missile Regiment
Priština Corps:
  • 15th Mechanised Brigade
  • 243rd Armoured Brigade
  • 549th Motorised Brigade
  • 125th Motorised Brigade
  • 252nd Armoured Brigade
  • 58th Light Mechanised Brigade
  • 102nd Mixed Anti-Tank Brigade
  • 52nd Mixed Artillery Brigade
  • 53rd Border Battalion
  • 55th Border Battalion
  • 57th Border Battalion
  • 52nd Light Artillery and Air Defence Missile Regiment
  • 150th Mixed Artillery Brigade
Independent Units:
  • 544th Motorised Brigade
  • 14th Light Motorised Brigade
  • 310th Missile Regiment
  • 149th Missile Regiment
  • 240th Missile Regiment
Independent Units:
  • 148th Motorised Brigade
  • 9th Motorised Brigade
  • 23rd Light Infantry Brigade
  • 35th Light Infantry Brigade
  • 311th Air Defence Missile Regiment

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