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Groupe de Combat 11 of the French Air Force was founded on 1 November 1916,[1] being formed by consolidating Escadrilles 12, 31, 48, and 57.[2]

The groupe was equipped with a melange of SPADs, Nieuports, Sopwiths, and Morane-Saulniers when it was posted to V Armee of the French Army in early February 1917. Within the month, it had moved to IV Armee. In July 1917, it moved to Flanders as fighting intensified.[2]

Groupe de Combat 11 was inducted into a larger unit, Escadre de Combat No. 2, on 27 February 1918, under command of Chef de Bataillon Phillip Fequant. GC 11 supported I Armee and III Arme from March onward. On 14 May 1918, Escadre de Combat No. 2 was one of the units incorporated into the larger 1er Division Aerienne. However, on 28 May, GC 11 was detached to support both IV Armee and V Armee.[2]

Commanding officersEdit

  • Capitaine Edouard Dusiegneur: January 1917 - 19 June 1918
  • Capitaine Marcel Bonnevay: 20 June 1918[2]

Notable personnelEdit


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