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SM3 from JDS Kongo

The Japanese guided missile destroyer JDS Kongō (DDG-173) firing a Standard Missile 3 anti-ballistic missile.

A guided missile destroyer is a destroyer designed to launch guided missiles. Many are also equipped to carry out anti-submarine, anti-air, and anti-surface operations. The NATO standard designation for these vessels is DDG. Nations vary in their use of destroyer D designation their hull pennant numbering, either prefixing, or dropping it altogether. The U.S. Navy has adopted the classification DDG in the US hull classification symbol.

In addition to the guns that destroyers have, a guided missile destroyer is usually equipped with two large missile magazines which store the missiles for the ship, usually in Vertical Launch Cells. Some guided missile destroyers contain powerful weapon system radars, like the United States’ Aegis combat system, and may be adopted for use in an anti-missile role or a ballistic missile defense role. This is especially true of navies that no longer operate cruisers, as other vessels must be adopted to fill in the gap.

Active and planned guided missile (GM) destroyersEdit

Royal Australian NavyEdit

HMCS Iroquois NRP 88 jeh

HMCS Iroquois (DDG-280), an Iroquois class destroyer

Royal Canadian NavyEdit

Chinese People's Liberation Army NavyEdit

Flickr - Israel Defense Forces - 20 Years of Cooperation with the Chinese Navy (5)

Qingdao (113), a Chinese Type 052 destroyer

French NavyEdit

French destroyer Forbin (D620) underway in the Arabian Sea on 31 May 2009 (090531-N-9988F-406)

Forbin (D620), a Horizon class destroyer

Although the French Navy no longer uses the term "destroyer" (French: destructeur), the largest frigates are assigned pennant numbers with flag superior "D", which designates destroyer.

Indian NavyEdit

INS Delhi-1

INS Delhi (D61), a Delhi class destroyer

Italian NavyEdit

Nave Caio Duilio

Caio Duilio (D554), an Orizzonte class destroyer

Japan Maritime Self-Defense ForceEdit

JS Ashigara, DDG-178 at Naval Station Pearl Harbor

JDS Ashigara (DDG-178), an Atago class destroyer

Russian NavyEdit

  • Kashin class destroyer
    • Smetlivy (810)
  • Sovremenny class destroyer
    • Bystryy (715)
    • Gremyashchiy (406)
    • Bespokoynyy (620)
    • Nastoychivyy (610)
    • Admiral Ushakov (434)
  • Udaloy class destroyer
    • Vice-Admiral Kulakov
    • Admiral Tributs (552)
    • Marshal Shaposhnikov (543)
    • Severomorsk (619)
    • Admiral Levchenko (605)
    • Admiral Vinogradov (572)
    • Admiral Panteleyev (548)
    • Admiral Chabanenko (650)
USS Kidd (DDG-993)

ROCS Tso Ying (DDG-1803)

Republic of China Navy (Taiwan)Edit

Republic of Korea NavyEdit

ROKS Sejong the Great (DDG 991)

ROKS Sejong the Great (DDG-991), a Sejong the Great class destroyer

Royal NavyEdit


HMS Daring (D32), a Type 45 destroyer

US NavyEdit

USS Bainbridge (DDG 96) - close up

USS Bainbridge (DDG-96), an Arleigh Burke class destroyer

Uss Zumwalt

Artist rendering of the Zumwalt class destroyer

Former guided missile destroyer classesEdit

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