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Guido Martino (1895 in Naples - 1922) was an Italian follower of Benito Mussolini.

Martino was an outcast from his peer group for most of his childhood and adolescent years. As a young adult, he moved to Rome to study at the secular university La Sapienza at the same time as Giuseppe Tucci. While in Rome, Martino became aware of Mussolini's rapid rise to power. He soon left college, believing that Mussolini was his true leader and with him he saw a better life for himself and his countrymen. Martino became an avid follower of Mussolini and his troops, and by 1920, he had become an associate of Mussolini's henchmen. He was soon noticed by the generals as a ruthless and dedicated supporter. In one such case, it was reported that Martino and a number of Mussolini's followers killed a train driver for not being on time, which was known to be Mussolini's punishment for insubordination. By 1922, Martino was known as "Il Toro" (The Bull) for his famous short temper and his refusal to compromise his beliefs. His dream was to become Mussolini's righthand man.

Martino never did get to meet Mussolini. In the summer of 1922, he was accused of being a traitor by his peers because it was believed they became jealous of the general's admiration of him. Martino was shot in the back while in the line of duty.

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