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The following units and commanders fought at the Battle of Guilford Court House on March 15, 1781.

Abbreviations usedEdit

Military rankEdit


  • (w) = wounded
  • (mw) = mortally wounded
  • (k) = killed in action

British forcesEdit

LTG Charles, Earl Cornwallis
MG Alexander Leslie, second in command

Brigade Regiments and Others
Right wing

   MG Alexander Leslie

  • 1st Guards Battalion: Ltc Chapel Norton
  • 2nd Battalion, 71st Regiment of Foot: probably Maj. Simon Fraser
  • Regiment von Bose: Ltc Johann Christian de Puis
Left wing

   Ltc James Webster (w)


   BG Charles O’Hara (w)
   Ltc James Stuart (k)
   BG Charles O'Hara[1]

  • 2nd Guards Battalion: Ltc James Stuart (k)
  • Grenadier Guards Company
Royal artillery

   Lt John McLeod

  • 1 (or 2) six-pounders
  • 2 three-pounders

American forcesEdit

MG Nathanael Greene
BG Isaac Huger, second in command (w)

Division Brigade Regiments and Others


Maryland Brigade

   Col Otho Williams

Virginia Brigade

   BG Isaac Huger (w)

  • Green’s Virginia Regiment: Ltc John Green
  • Hawes' Virginia Regiment: Ltc Samuel Hawes
Independent Continental Units

North Carolina militia

Butler’s Brigade

   BG John Butler

  • North Carolina militia
Eaton’s Brigade

   BG Thomas Eaton

  • Militia regiment: Col William Linton
  • Militia regiment: Col Benjamin Williams
  • North Carolina Rifle corps: Maj Joseph Winston
  • North Carolina cavalry: Capt Marquis de Bretigney

Virginia militia

First Virginia brigade

   BG Edward Stevens (w)

  • Militia regiment: Col Samuel McDowell
  • Militia regiment: Col George Moffet
  • two other militia regiments
Second Virginia brigade

   BG Robert Lawson

  • three militia regiments
Rifle units
  • Virginia Rifle Corps
  • Campbell’s Virginia Rifle Corps: Col William Campbell
  • Lynch’s Virginia Rifle Corps: Col Charles Lynch


  1. O'Hara had been wounded during the attack on the first American line but resumed command shortly before the end of the battle. Tonsetic, p. 89.


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