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Field marshal de Lamboy


Dessener Castle; residence of the House of Lamboy de Dessener

Guillaume III de Lamboy de Dessener,[1][2] 1st Baron of Corteshem, Lord of Desseneer, Wintershofen and Bossu.[3] (+ 1659) was a Dutch noble Lord and military commander and Field marshal.


De Lamboy was born into an old noble family of Liege, Son of Guillaume II de Lamboy, Lord of Corteshem and Marghareth de Méan.[4] His sister Anne Catherine de Lamboy was Abbes of Herkenrode Abbey between 1653-1675.


He became imperial and royal war Councillor and participated in the Battle of Kempen and the Battle of Wevelinghoven.[5]


He rebuilt Dessener Castle, the family estate in 1640.[6] He is buried inside the church of Wintershofen next to his parents.[2]


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