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Brigadier General Gul Aqa Nahib (also, "Nahibi", "Naebi", or simply "Gul Aqa") of the Afghan National Army served as second-in-command to transitional Defence Minister Mohammed Fahim in 2002[1] and is currently in charge of 12,000 troops overseeing operations in Kandahar.[2]

He joined the army in 1965[3]

His formal position is as commander of the Afghan 205th Corps, based out of Kandahar Airport,[4] and he is in charge of operations for Southern Afghanistan.

On September 9, 2007, he reported that insurgent forces were no longer able to beat ANA troops in combat.[4]

He speaks Dari, in addition to his native Pashto[5] and supports the idea of conscription.[1]


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