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Gulf of Finland Naval Command
Colour of the Command
Country Flag of Finland.svg Finland
Branch Suomen Merivoimien tunnus Finnish Navy
Service history
Active 1998–
Role Coastal defence
Size 850 career personnel, 1,400 conscripts[1]
Part of Finnish Navy
Nickname SLMEPA

Gulf of Finland Naval Command (Finnish language:Suomenlahden Meripuolustusalue , Swedish language:Finska Vikens Marinkommando ) is a Finnish Navy unit headquartered in Upinniemi, Kirkkonummi. The main duty of the Gulf of Finland Naval Command during normal condition is the surveillance of Finnish territorial waters and maintaining territorial integrity. In addition, the Command trains conscripts to fulfill duties in the crisis-time organization of the Finnish Defence Forces. The readiness fortresses and particular other units of the Command are permanently in state of high readiness.


  • 7th Missile Squadron (7. Ohjuslaivue), operating Hamina class fast attack craft and Kiisla class patrol vessels.
  • 5th Mine Warfare Squadron (5. Miinalaivue), operating Pohjanmaa and Pansio class minelayers. The squadron also includes the Finnish Navy Diving School, training conscripts and career personnel as combat and work divers.
  • Suomenlinna Coastal Regiment, responsible for continuously keeping Isosaari fortress in state of readiness.
  • Kotka Coast Battalion, responsible for the surveillance and defence of Kymenlaakso coast, including the major ports of Hamina and Kotka. The Battalion mans the Haapasaari Marine Surveillance Station and the maintains the fortress of Kirkonmaa at high readiness.
  • Porkkala Coast Battalion (Porkkalan Rannikkopataljoona), responsible for providing logistics, force protection and coastal artillery support for the command headquarters in Upinniemi. In conscript training, the Battalion specializes in producing marine reconnaissance units of the Finnish Navy
  • Navy Training Center (Merivoimien Koulutuskeskus), a unit responsible for the induction and basic training of most Finnish Navy conscripts. The Center also operates a large NCO school and provides training for rank-and-file logistics specialists. From time to time, the Center produces coastal infantry units.
  • Logistics Centre (Huoltokeskus)

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