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Gulzar Uddin Ahmed
Native name গুলজার উদ্দিন আহমেদ
Died 25 February 2009
Allegiance Bangladesh
Service/branch Bangladesh Army, Rapid Action Battalion, Bangladesh Rifles
Rank Colonel
Spouse(s) Fatema Sultana

Gulzar Uddin Ahmed (Bengali language:গুলজার উদ্দিন আহমেদ ) also known as Colonel Gulzar Ahmed was the founding director of the intelligence wing of Rapid Action Battalion. He was a colonel in Bangladesh Army.[1][2]


In 26 March 2004, when Rapid Action Battalion or RAB was founded, Colonel Gulzar Ahmed was deputed from Bangladesh Army to the role of commanding officer of RAB-3 division.[3] In 2005, the first intelligence wing of Rapid Action Battalion was formed and Colonel Gulzar Ahmed was appointed to work as the chief intelligence wing of Rapid Action Battalion.[1] In 2006, Gulzar Ahmed was promoted to Colonel and was transferred to Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) currently known as Border Guards Bangladesh. Later, he was transferred to Rapid Action Battalion as additional director general.[1] In January 2009, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajed appointed him as the Sylhet Sector commander of Bangladesh rifles (currently known as Border Guards Bangladesh).[1][4][5]

Notable worksEdit

He was notable for anti-terrorism activity against religious extremism in Bangladesh. He was the mastermind of the operation in March 2006 which led to arrest of hundreds of Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen members, a Bangladeshi terrorist group, and 6 top leaders including Shaykh Abdur Rahman and Bangla Bhai.[2] His team also successfully captured large stock of explosives, nitric acid and grenades belonging to Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen in November 2008.[1] His work against terrorism made him a "National Hero".[2]


He was assassinated in the Bangladesh Rifles mutiny while attending the annual gathering of all sector commanders of Bangladesh Rifles in 26 February 2009. Beside Gulzar Ahmed, all other commanders who were present at the gathering were also assassinated.[1][6] His body was found ten days after the mutiny with visible signs of torture.[2] It was speculated that he was killed in revenge by terrorists.[2][3][7]

Personal lifeEdit

He married Fatema Sultana. They had two daughters.[8]

See alsoEdit

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