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Guningtou Battle Museum
Bear of Kinmen at Guningtou Battle Museum 20021010.jpg
Bear of Kinmen at Guningtou Battle Museum 20021010.jpg
General information
Type Museum
Location Jinning, Kinmen, Fujian, Republic of China
Opening 1984

The Guningtou Battle Museum (Script error) is located in the Kuningtou area of the Kinmen National Park, Jinning Township, Kinmen County, Fujian Province, Republic of China.[1]


The museum was built in 1984 by local military and civilian population to commemorate the Battle of Guningtou (started in 1949 and continued throughout the 1950s) between National Revolutionary Army and People's Liberation Army.[2][3]


On the outside of museum, three bronze statues of soldiers ready for battle are displayed. On both sides are tanks used during the battle. Inside of the museum are the exhibition of military equipment, military weapons, battle-related documents, photos and paintings.[4]

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