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Born 3 November 1895
Kensington, Middlesex, England
Died 12 August 1969(1969-08-12) (aged 73)
Banbury, Oxfordshire, England

Guy Saxon Llewellyn Gregson-Ellis MC (3 November 1895 – 12 August 1969) was an English first-class cricketer and British Army officer. He had a military career that spanned 32 years and two world wars, as well as appearing in four first-class cricket matches for the Europeans cricket team in British India.

Early life and World War IEdit

Gregson-Ellis was born at Kensington to Charles James Gregson-Ellis and his wife Mildred Agnes Scholefield.[1] He attended Charterhouse School in 1909.[2] After leaving Charterhouse, Gregson-Ellis attended the Royal Military Academy, upon graduating he entered into the Royal Berkshire Regiment as a second lieutenant shortly before the outbreak of World War One.[3]

While serving in the war during December 1914, he was promoted to the temporary rank of lieutenant,[4] with him obtaining the rank permanently in March 1915,[5] which was antedated to January 1915.[6] In July 1915, he was promoted to the temporary rank of captain,[7] with this rank being relinquished in July 1916.[8] He was awarded the Military Cross in the 1916 Birthday Honours.[9] He took part in the Battle of the Somme from July–November 1916, playing a key role in helping to reorganise the 2nd battalion after heavy losses during the battles first day.[10] He later obtained the rank of captain permanently in February 1917.[11]

Post-war first-class cricketEdit

Following the war, Gregson-Ellis made his debut for Berkshire in minor counties cricket in 1920, with Gregson-Ellis making fifteen appearances in the Minor Counties Championship between 1920–1923.[12] He was made an adjutant in July 1922,[13] with him ceasing to be an adjutant in July 1925.[14] While stationed in British India, he made his debut in first-class cricket for the Europeans against the Sikhs at Lahore in the 1925/26 Lahore Tournament.[15] He made three further first-class appearances for the Europeans, playing in the final of the 1925/26 tournament against the Muslims cricket team, before making two appearances against the Parsees and the Hindus in the 1926/27 Bombay Quadrangular.[15] He scored 116 runs across his four first-class matches, with a top score of 45.[16] He retired from military service in January 1931 and ceased to belong to the reserve of officers having reached the age limit for liability to be recalled.[17] He returned to service in World War Two with the Royal Berkshire Regiment and was promoted to the rank of brevet major in April 1940.[18] He once again retired from service following the war, whereby he was made an honorary lieutenant colonel in May 1946.[19] He died in hospital at Banbury, Oxfordshire in August 1969.[20]


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