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Guy Hever (born 30 May 1977) is an Israeli MIA. Hever, a soldier in the Israeli Army, has been missing since August 17, 1997. He was last seen on his army base at 9:30 AM on the Golan Heights, dressed in his army fatigues, carrying his weapon, a Galil AR, his military disk and his international military identification papers (Geneva Convention Card). The area was searched thoroughly but even until today there is still no clue to what happened to him and he is widely presumed dead. Guy was born in Nahariya, Israel on 30 May 1977. Firstborn to Rina and Eitan, brother to Or, who joined the army on 17 August 2003 and sister Shir.


Mr. David Dadon, previous Israeli Ambassador in Jordan, wrote on July 24, 2001: "After thoroughly studying the case, we decided to center our efforts in mobilizing humanitarian international organizations and high-level friendly personalities to help us check the possibility of Guy Hever being incarcerated in a Syrian jail. We believe that this effort towards the Syrian authorities must continue. Any further help from International Organization and people of good will is most welcome and will contribute to maintain our efforts to find the young Israeli soldier." On February 13, 2007, a Syrian organization calling itself "The Resistance Committees for the Release of the Golan Heights" claimed to be holding Hever.[1] The credibility of the statement is in doubt, since it came ten years after Hever's disappearance. Army officials said at the time that the IDF was investigating the claim, although it stated that this was not the first time that an organization claimed to have Hever in captivity.[2]

In July 2009, Rina Hever, said that she met with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The premier pledged that a special point-man would be named to oversee the activity undertaken by the various defense agencies in the state in finding her missing son. In August 2009, Rina Hever also met with Israel's Foreign Ministry director general Yossi Gal. The mother, who in the past sought the ministry's aid in finding her son yet was only accorded limited cooperation, requested that the government seriously broach the matter with the Syrians via an intermediary. End of July 2009 Israel has launched a quiet diplomatic campaign in an attempt to ascertain the whereabouts of missing Israel Defense Forces soldier. Israel passed a message along to Syria via Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in which Jerusalem communicated its desire to obtain any information that Syria may possess on Hever. While it is not clear if the soldier is in Syria, the move represents a significant change in Israel's official policy in the case. The goal of the campaign is to determine whether Syria can provide information on Hever's fate.[3]


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