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Guy of Charpigny (died 1295) was the second Baron of Vostitsa (modern Aigio) in the Principality of Achaea in Frankish Greece.

He was the son of the first baron, Hugh I of Charpigny, and succeeded him after his death in the mid-13th century.[1]

In 1289 he also served for a few months as the bailli of the King of Naples for Achaea.[2] He was much esteemed by the people of the Morea, but was killed at Xylokastro in 1295 by a Greek magnate from Kalavryta named Photius, who mistook him for Walter of Liederkerque, the castellan of Acrocorinth, against whom Photius had grievances. According to the Chronicle of the Morea, when the shouts of Guy's servants revealed to Photius his mistake, the Greek took the dying man in his arms and asked for forgiveness, but Guy died in his arms.[1][3][4] He was succeeded by his son, Hugh II.[1]


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Preceded by
Nicholas II of Saint Omer
Angevin bailli in the Principality of Achaea
Direct administration by Prince Florent of Hainaut
Title next held by
Richard Orsini
Preceded by
Hugh I of Charpigny
Baron of Vostitsa
Succeeded by
Hugh II of Charpigny

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