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Gys Jansen-Van Beek
Born March 31, 1919(1919-03-31) (age 100)
Angeren, Netherlands
Occupation Inventor
Spouse(s) Zwaantje Van Beek

Gys Jansen-Van Beek (born March 31, 1919) is a Dutch American inventor who as a member of the Dutch resistance during World War II helped rescue members of the Allied forces and is also recognized as an Aid Giver for helping Jews escaping the Holocaust.[1]

Early lifeEdit

Born March 31, 1919 in Angeren, the Netherlands, Van Beek grew up on a farm. He was a member of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands.[1]

Activity During World War IIEdit

After Nazi Germany invaded the Netherlands in May 1940 Van Beek was among many Dutch the Germans tried to recruit. He avoided the recruitment and eventually joined the Dutch resistance.[2] Using forged identity papers he was able to help civilians and downed Allied pilots escape the Netherlands. Among those he helped escape was a P-51 pilot from Wisconsin, Lieutenant Howard Edward Moebius.[3][4][5][2] For his efforts he earned decorations from the governments of Canada, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and the United States of America. In 1999 he was recognized as an Aid Giver by the Shoah Foundation[1] established by Steven Spielberg. "For his heroism and service to the United States of America during World War II" he was entered into the Congressional Record of July 24, 2012 by Idaho Congressman Raúl Labrador.[2]

Life After World War IIEdit

Van Beek emigrated to the United States in 1948 and in 1954 moved to Idaho with his wife Zwaantje, where they started a dairy farm. The farm went into foreclosure in 1984 and after years of legal proceedings with the Farmers Home Administration they were evicted in 1994.[6][7] In 1995 he invented a hatchet used by firefighters and rescue workers.[8][9] He continues inventing tools including the Trucker's Friend which he exclusively licenses to Innovation Factory. [10][11]


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