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Hérard Abraham
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship

In office
January 28, 2005 – June 9, 2006
President Boniface Alexandre
Prime Minister Gerard Latortue
Preceded by Yvon Simeon
Succeeded by Rénald Clérismé
Minister of Interior

In office
March 17, 2004 – January 28, 2005
President Boniface Alexandre
Prime Minister Gerard Latortue
Preceded by Jocelerme Privert
Succeeded by Georges Moïse
President of Haiti

In office
March 10, 1990 – March 13, 1990
Preceded by Prosper Avril
Succeeded by Ertha Pascal-Trouillot
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship

In office
January 20, 1988 – September 18, 1988
President Henri Namphy
Preceded by Gerard Latortue
Succeeded by Serge E. Charles
Minister of Information and Coordination

In office
March 24, 1986 – January 5, 1987
President Henri Namphy
Preceded by Max Vallès
Succeeded by Jacques Lorthé
Secretary of Interior and national Defence

In office
February 7, 1986 – March 24, 1986
President Henri Namphy
Personal details
Born July 28, 1940(1940-07-28) (age 80)
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Nationality Haitian
Spouse(s) Maryse Armand
Occupation Military

Hérard Abraham (born July 28, 1940) is a former Haïtian political figure.


Abraham enlisted in the Haïtian army as a young man. He rose to the rank of lieutenant general and became one of the few military members in the inner circle of President Jean-Claude Duvalier. Abraham supported the 1986 coup against Duvalier, and served as foreign minister for the first time under Henri Namphy from 1987 to 1988.[1] He became acting President of Haïti on March 10, 1990 after street protests forced President Prosper Avril into exile.[2] He gave up power three days later, becoming the only military leader in Haïti during the twentieth century to give up power voluntarily. In January 1991, Abraham helped to crush a coup attempt by Roger Lafontant.[3]

In 1991, Abraham retired from the army and moved to the United States. He settled in Miami, Florida and drifted into obscurity. He lived near another former Haïtian politician, Gérard Latortue, who would later become prime minister. In February 2004, Abraham made a radio address from Florida calling on President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to resign.

After Aristide's forced exile from the country, a new government needed to be formed. Latortue was eventually chosen for prime minister position, and invited Abraham to return to Haïti and become minister of Interior. Abraham served in that position from March 2004 until a January 31, 2005 cabinet reshuffle, in which he became foreign minister. He held that position until 9 June 2006.


Political offices
Preceded by
Prosper Avril
President of Haïti
Succeeded by
Ertha Pascal-Trouillot

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