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HCS Mahi (1834)
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Name: HCS Mahi
Builder: Bombay Dockyard
Launched: 1834
General characteristics
Type: schooner
Tons burthen: 157[1] (bm)
Crew: 50
  • 1834:1 × 32-pounder gun on a pivot mount + 2 × 12-pounder howitzers[2]
  • Later:1 × 32-pounder gun on a pivot mount + 4 × 12-pounder carronades.

HCS Mahi (or Mahé) was a schooner that the Bombay Dockyard launched in 1834 for the British East India Company (EIC).[3] Mahi participated in the 1839 Aden Expedition along with the frigate HMS Volage, the sloop HCS Coote, and the brig HMS Cruizer.[4] The British attack began on 19 February and Mahé, under the command of Lieutenant Daniels, provided fire support. She sustained the only naval casualty of the expedition when Midshipman Nesbitt sustained a wound.[5]


After her release from official service, Mahé became a country ship trading on the Malabar Coast. She was still trading in 1870.[6]


Charles Rathbone Low, the author of the history in the references below, was a midshipman on Mahi in 1855.[7]

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