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HMS Hermes (1796)
Career (The Netherlands) Dutch Navy Ensign Batavian Navy Ensign
Name: de Kemphaan
Launched: 1781
Captured: 12 May 1796
Career (Great Britain)
Name: HMS Hermes
Acquired: 1796 by capture
Fate: Foundered 31 January 1797
General characteristics [1][2]
Type: brig-sloop
Tonnage: 210 (bm)[2]
Length: 85' (Amsterdam foot)[Note 1]
Beam: 30'
Depth of hold: 13'
Propulsion: Sails
  • Dutch service:150
  • At capture:85
  • Royal Navy:80
  • Dutch service: 12-24 guns
  • At capture:16 guns
  • British service: 14 × 24-pounder carronades + 2 × 6-pounder chase guns
  • HMS Hermes was the Dutch cutter Mercuur, that the Amsterdam Admiralty purchased in 1781 or 1782. (Mercuur was a brig when captured.) HMS Sylph captured her off the Texel on 12 May 1796 after a chase during which Mercuur threw all but two of her guns overboard.[3]

    The British Royal Navy commissioned her in July 1796 under Commander William Mulso, for the North Sea.[2]

    Hermes disappeared during a gale on 31 January 1797.[2] she was presumed to have foundered with all hands.[4]

    Notes, citations, and references[edit | edit source]


    1. All linear measurements are in Amsterdam feet (voet) of 11 Amsterdam inches (duim) (see Dutch units of measurement). The Amsterdam foot is about 8% shorter than an English foot.



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