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Six ships of the British Royal Navy, and four tenders of the RNVR, have been named HMS Isis, after the Egyptian goddess Isis.

  • The first Isis was a 50-gun fourth-rate probably launched in 1744 as Colchester.
  • The second Isis was the French ship Diamant captured in 1747 and converted to a 50-gun fourth-rate, continuing in use until 1766.
  • The third Isis was a 50-gun fourth-rate launched in 1774, and broken up in 1810.
  • The fourth Isis was a 50-gun fourth-rate launched in 1819, hulked in 1861 and sold 1867.
  • The fifth Isis was an Eclipse-class protected cruiser in use from 1896 to 1920.
  • The sixth Isis (D87) was an I-class destroyer launched in 1936.

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