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HMS Trepassey, often spelled "Trepassy", was a 14-gun brig-sloop of the Royal Navy, formerly the American privateer Wildcat. She was purchased in 1779. On 6 August Henry Edward Stanhope was promoted to Master and Commander of Trepassey at Newfoundland.[1] He left during the autumn of 1780 and his successor was James Smyth, who took command in September.

On 27 May 1781 Captain John Barry commanding the USS Alliance captured her in an engagement in which Smyth and four others were killed and nine men were wounded before she struck.[2][3] Barry repaired her, disarmed her, and sent her as a cartel to Halifax under the direction of her Master, Phillip Windsor. After she had delivered the prisoners on board she returned to American control.

Trepassey was retaken in 1782. Sometime in 1783 or earlier, Commander Francis Cole became her commander. She was sold in 1784.

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