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{{Infobox ship |Ship image=Groningen (P843) at Liverpool 01 March 2013.jpg |Ship caption= HNLMS Groningen

|module= Career (Netherlands) Name: GroningenBuilder: Damen GroupLaid down: 9 April 2010Launched: 21 April 2011Commissioned: 29 November 2013 HNLMS Groningen is a Holland-class offshore patrol vessel operated by the Royal Netherlands Navy. The vessel was built in the Romanian shipyards in Galati, by the Dutch firm Damen Group.[1]

Integrated mast module[]

The integrated mast module (IMM) has been built to an innovative concept. The mast houses all systems which form the "eyes and ears" of the ship. The ship can efficiently detect pirate and smuggling boats while keeping an eye on the skies as well. For the first time camera, radar and communications antenna systems are merged into one mast structure. This allows the ship to see flying and floating objects. The means of communication in the mast making it possible to carry out worldwide operations in conjunction with aircraft and ships.

Service history[]


In late 2012 Groningen was exercising with HNLMS Friesland when MV Baltic Ace sank after a collision with another ship. Both Holland-class offshore patrol vessels assisted in the search for survivors.[2]


On 28 April, Groningen departed Den Helder, and went off to the Caribbean for counter-drug operations and coast guard duties. On her way to the Caribbean she will be part of multiple exercises with six other European navies (MAOC-N).

In early June Groningen received an overnight notification from the US Coast Guard. A patrol plane saw a boat, a so-called go-fast, heading north at high speed. An US helicopter on board the ship took off immediately. Groningen itself headed to the specified location off the coast of Panama. When the smugglers heard the helicopter, they jettisoned their cargo. Groningen arrived moments later. The crew managed to fish multiple packages of drugs from the water. They recovered about half of the estimated 300 kilograms (660 lb). The three smugglers have been arrested and transferred to the Coast Guard.[3] She returned home to vlissingen on 5 September for a short maintenance period.[4]

On 29 December two Russian navy vessel, the destroyer (Vice-Admiral Kulakov and a tug from the Sliva-class) sailed along the Dutch coast being escorted by Groningen.[5]


On 9 August Groningen departed Den Helder for a four-month deployment off the coast of Somalia, as part of the EU anti-piracy mission Atalanta.[6] On 11 December she sailed back into her homeport.[7]


On 5 June, Groningen departed Den Helder, and went off to the Caribbean for counter-drug operations and coast guard duties. The ship will replace HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën.[8]


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