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HNLMS Tjerk Hiddes (F830)
Tjerk Hiddes
Career (Netherlands)
Name: Tjerk Hiddes
Namesake: Tjerk Hiddes de Vries
Builder: Koninklijke Schelde Groep, Vlissingen
Laid down: 28 October 1986
Launched: 9 December 1989
Commissioned: 26 February 1993
Decommissioned: 3 February 2006
Status: sold to Chile
Career (Chile)
Name: Almirante Riveros
Owner: Chilean Navy
Acquired: 2007
Status: in active service, as of 2021
General characteristics
Class & type: Karel Doorman-class frigate
Displacement: 3,320 tons
Length: 122.25 m (401.1 ft)
Beam: 14.37 m (47.1 ft)
Draught: 4.3 m (14 ft)
Propulsion: 2 Rolls Royce (Spey 1A) 16700 hp (12.45 MW) gasturbines
2 Stork-Werkspoor 4895 hp (3.650 MW) diesel engines
Speed: 29 kn (54 km/h; 33 mph)
Complement: 174
Armament:Oto Melara 76 mm anti-air/anti-surface gun
1 ×Goalkeeper CIWS (point defence gun)
4× Mk 32 324 mm torpedo tubes, Mark 46 torpedoes
Aircraft carried: 1 × Lynx helicopter

HNLMS Tjerk Hiddes was a ship of the Karel Doorman-class of multi-purpose frigates of the Royal Netherlands Navy. Built by the shipyard Koninklijke Schelde Groep in Vlissingen. The ship is named after the Dutch Admiral Tjerk Hiddes de Vries. In 2006 she was decommissioned and sold to the Chilean Navy where the ship was renamed Almirante Riveros.

Dutch service[edit | edit source]

During her time with the Dutch navy she operated in the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean Sea and took part in Operation Enduring Freedom around the Arabian Peninsula and Operation Active Endeavour in Mediterranean Sea. She was decommissioned on 3 February 2006 and sold to the Chilean Navy and handend over in 2007.

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