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Hannu Hannuksela

Hannu Esa Hannuksela (12 December 1893 Ilmajoki – 12 May 1942 Kivennapa) was a Finnish Major General during World War II.[1]

Hannuksela joined the Jaeger Movement in 1916 and trained and fought in the Royal Prussian 27th Jäger Battalion. He served in a jaeger artillery during the Finnish Civil War. After the civil war, Hannuksela worked as a head of artillery battalion, a commander of artillery and the Commander of the 2nd Artillery Regiment. In 1934, he was promoted as the Commander of Savonia Military Administrative Division.[1]

Hannuksela was the Commander of the 13th Division in the battle of Ruhtinaanmäki during the Winter War. At the beginning of the Continuation War, Hannuksela was the Commander of the 19th Division. February 1942, he was reassigned as the Commander of the 2nd Division. Hannuksela died of a heart attack in the Headquarters in May 1942.[1]




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