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Harry Wayne Addison (September 8, 1920 – August 24, 2003) was a Southern author and humorist whose works painted vivid portraits of his experiences growing up as a poor boy in Depression-era rural Louisiana. While he never received much recognition on a national level, Addison enjoyed modest success, not only from his writings, but also his frequent public speaking appearances throughout Louisiana and much of the South. He was a favorite orator at college and high school graduations, as well as meetings of regional civic organizations. A veteran of World War II, Addison received the Bronze Star for bravery in combat while serving on Iwo Jima. He was a longtime resident of Monroe, La. His works include Write That Down For Me Daddy (1974) ISBN 0-88289-116-2, RFD #3 (1977) ISBN 1-56554-114-6, and Mama Was a Con Man, Papa Was a Christian (1989) ISBN 1-56554-547-8.

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