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Hendrik van den Bergh

Hendrik, count van den Bergh (1573, Bremen – 22 May 1638), lord of Stevensweert, was a Dutch soldier in Spanish service during the Eighty Years' War and stadhouder of Spanish Upper Guelders.


Hendrik was the seventh son of Willem IV van den Bergh and Maria of Nassau, the oldest sister of William the Silent. Like all his brothers, he served in the Spanish military. He fought at (among others) Jülich, Breda, Grol and in 1629 at 's-Hertogenbosch, where prince Frederick Henry could not prevent his entry. He distinguished himself so much under Ambrogio Spinola that, after the Twelve Years' Truce, he was the second-highest commander in the army of Albert and Isabella.

He later led a noble party dissatisfied with Spanish involvement in the Southern Netherlands. He negotiated with René van Renesse and Frederick Henry and, bribed, defected to the stadhouder's forces in 1632. During the Maas campaign he captured Roermond and Venlo for the States, and during 1633 acted openly as a member of the States army.

Marriages and issue[]

In 1612 Hendrik married Margaretha van Wittem van Beersel (1582-1627), daughter of Jan van Wittem and Maria Margaretha van Merode. They had two children:

  • Maria Elisabeth II van den Bergh (1613-1671), marchioness of Bergen op Zoom, married Eitel Frederik V van Hohenzollern-Hechingen
  • Herman Oswald van den Bergh (1614-1622)

In 1629 Hendrik married Hiëronyma Catharina, countess of Spaur-Flavon (1600-1683), daughter of George Frederik van Spaur-Flavon. They had 3 children:

  • Elisabeth Catharina van den Bergh (1632-1681), married Johan IV van Hohenrechberg-Aichen and then Hans van Rechberg
  • Amalia Lucia van den Bergh (1633-1711), married Paul Jacob van Waldburg-Zeil
  • Wilhelmina Juliana van den Bergh (1638-1714), married Bernhard van Sayn-Wittgenstein and then Charles Eugène de Croÿ.

With another wife (name unknown) he had:

  • Anna Maria Elisabeth van den Bergh (1600-1653), married Bernard Albrecht van Limburg-Bronkhorst
  • Herman Frederik van den Bergh (1600-1669), married Josina van Löwenstein-Wertheim

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