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Hristijan Todorovski - Karpoš (3 September 1921 in Kumanovo – February 7, 1944 near Preševo) was a Macedonian communist partisan during the Second World War. As a student he was accepted in the communist youth organization SKOJ. Because of his progressive ideas, he was expelled from secondary school in 1940 and was not allowed to enroll in any other school in Yugoslavia. In the year of the 1941, he participated in the gathering of weapons and participated in the distribution of the illegal pamphlets and the bulletin "Dedo Ivan" which was published by the Kumanovo communist organization. He was a member of the First Kumanovo partisan detachment, and became and participated in the battle with the Bulgarian police on 11 October 1941. After that he became a member of the partisan headquarters for Kumanovo. Further he went to the Second south Moravian detachment, and late in the Kukavian detachment. In the second half of the year 1942, he was sent as a courier in Kumanovo, and he used his arrival to form a new detachment with whom he achieves successful actions.

From the end of 1943 he became the commander of the Kumanovo "Jordan Nikolov" battalion of the NOV of Macedonia and had several successful actions against the Vardar Chetnik Corps, especially in Pelince, near Kumanovo. Hristijan Todorovski died on 7 February 1944 while leading a raid on the Bulgarian police station in Biljaca, near Preševo.


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