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Huff-Daland TA-2
Huff-Daland TA-2.jpg
Role Trainer
Manufacturer Huff-Daland
Primary user United States Army Air Service
Number built 3
Variants Huff-Daland TA-6

The Huff-Daland TA-2 was an American biplane trainer designed by the Huff-Daland Aero Corporation in the early 1920s for the United States Army Air Service. It was a development of the HD.4 Midget with a 140 hp ABC Wasp radial engine. Three prototypes (one for static tests and two fliers) were ordered for evaluation at McCook Field. The two flying examples were later rebuilt with a re-designed fuselage, balanced rudder, smaller wings and a 90 hp Curtis OX-5 engine. One aircraft was later re-engined with a Lawrance J-1 radial engine. The TA-2 was re-designed with a 200 hp Lawrance J-1 engine and re-designated the Huff-Daland AT-6, one prototype only was built.


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Specifications (TA-2)Edit


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