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Seal of Hugh IX of Lusignan, damaged but probably depicts the hunting attire usually shown on the family's seals, usually showing the holding of a small hunting dog behind the croup of the saddle

Hugh IX "le Brun" of Lusignan (1163/1168 – 5 November 1219)[1] was the grandson of Hugh VIII. His father, also Hugh (b. c. 1141), was the co-seigneur of Lusignan from 1164, marrying a woman named Orengarde before 1162 or about 1167 and dying in 1169. Hugh IX became seigneur of Lusignan in 1172, seigneur of Couhe and Chateau-Larcher in the 1190s, and Count of La Marche (as Hugh IV) on his grandfather's death. Hugh IX died on the Fifth Crusade at Damietta on 5 November 1219.[1]

Hugh IX is mentioned under the pseudonym Maracdes ("Emerald") in two poems by the troubadour Gaucelm Faidit, according to the Occitan razós to these poems.

Marriage and issue[]

His first wife was possibly Agathe de Preuilly, daughter of Peter (Pierre) II de Preuilly and Aenor de Mauleon. Their marriage was annulled in 1189. His second wife, married c. 1189, was Mathilde of Angoulême (1181 – 1233), daughter of Wulgrin III of Angoulême, Count of Angoulême.[2] They had:

  • Hugh X of Lusignan married Isabella of Angoulême[3]
  • Agathe of Lusignan, married c. 1220 Geoffroi V Seigneur de Pons

Fictional portrayals[]

Hugh was portrayed by actor James Cossins in the 1978 BBC TV drama series The Devil's Crown.



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